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  • Multilevel Car Parking System
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    SMART Group
  • Mechanical Car Parking System
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    Multi-level Car Parking System
    Puzzle Parker
    Mechanical Car Parking System
  • Car Parking in Kolkata
    SMART Construction
    steel buildings
    We carry out Design, Fabrication and Erection of Multilevel Ramp parking,
    steel buildings, plant, machine shop & factory buildings with our highly skilled engineering teams
    by utilizing fully optimized techniques without compromising in quality.

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TRUST, QUALITY AND SERVICE are the keywords for SMART group, which leads to an endless relation with our employees, clients and financiers.


SMART Parking Systems a China multinational company, is a worldwide leader in the field of mechanized and automated car parking systems, with an installed base of over 7,00,000 car parking spaces across the globe. Being a leader, SMART has many innovative products and solutions in its offerings, and has won many prestigious awards for innovations around the world.

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The Customer Comes First ... If the Customer is Happy we are Happy.

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